Founded in 2017, Upsurge Studios is a premium art outsourcing studio located in Melbourne, Australia. Working closely with our Tokyo studio, we focus on providing a wide range of quality services in both the entertainment and e-learning industries. Thanks to our broad range of skills, we can rapidly scale, and handle projects of any size or style while maintaining a rigorous schedule.

Benjamin Roach

Benjamin worked as a Level Designer at Fromsoftware in Tokyo, Japan. After returning home to Australia in 2017, he set up his own company; Upsurge Studios, with an initial focus on high quality level & environment design for games. As the team expanded, so did the areas of expertise. He has since returned to Japan to set up a new company; Upsurge Studios East, to help manage our projects, and to utilize the talented CG artists here in Japan.

Company Profile

Name Upsurge Industries Pty Ltd
CEO Benjamin Roach
Company Address 2/7 Rankins Rd, Kensington VIC 3031, Australia
ABN Number 72-640-354-936
Number of employees 45 employees (entire group)
Services 3d Modeling, VR & AR, Games, Characters, Weapons, Movies, Music, Advertising and Animation

OUR Clients

Recent Projects

Blizzard Diablo II: Resurrected
Grinding Gear Games Path of Exile2
Vankrupt Games Pavlov VR
Cold Symmetry Mortal Shell
Royal Crow Crow Z